Saturday, May 2, 2009

copypaste zine #5 "monster"

hei there Copy-Paster...
have you ever blow-up your monster fantasy... yeah.. the one that, made you scared once you're little... or maybe until today.. haha...!! or more even scarier and evolute to a different form.. uuu.. nice...

Now it's your chance to made some of your "monster" in sticker, poster, wheatpaste or paper toy... c'mon give me your best shots in picture (jpg) and then send it to with subject : CPZ#5, before July, 20 of 2009.
or maybe you can simply just give us the direct link.

Tell us all... about your works with other related info...
such as name, nick, crew, blog, websites, email, comment and suggestion for us maybe?? hoho..
and you can download monster flyer here

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